Light in the Andes Light in the Andes 2 Light in the Andes 3 Innermost Sky


This series came about in an unexpected way. I had just finished a workshop on color and decided to create a palette using only 3 blues and 3 earth tones. I played around with these on a small 11x14 canvas not knowing what would come out. Suddenly a landscape revealed itself. Light in the Andes 1 was born. I called it that because although I have never been in the Andes I felt that the picture carried something of the Andes- especially the light there. Oddly enough- someone bought that painting: she had just come back from the Andes and it reminded her of the place she had been!

I felt to do a few more paintings with that theme and that particular light which I had a strong sense of. The other paintings in that series include many more colors.

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