Osho is an enlightened mystic born in India in 1931. He spent his whole life after his enlightenment at age 21 giving discourses and introducing revolutionary meditation techniques to thousands of people from all over the world. His life's effort has been to bring about a radical shift in consciousness in order to give birth to a new man, to a new humanity: a humanity rooted in meditation, love, creativity and celebration of life.


As an artist I have had Osho's guidance as my gold standard. I have as best I could put meditation first and from there moved into expression. I see a painting as a mirror - when it falls into place then something in me settles, falls into a harmony, a balance. I find it’s important to keep a childlike curiosity and playful attitude especially while learning more technique because it’s very easy to get lost in producing “good” art and then it all becomes very serious and driven.

To me painting is a movement of the heart, as well as an opening towards the unknown and the mysterious. It has helped me to explore solitude in its various moods and hues - at times fun and festive, at others deep and quiet. It’s my way of saying thank you to life for its abundant generosity. It can range from a delicate search into the beauty of color and form to being in kindergarten and just fooling around with water and sand.

The feeling of the moment has always to determine which ray of the spectrum will be chosen to play with. I use the word play intentionally because some technical aspects have really demanded a lot of patient, tedious work and it's always nice to then forget all about that and just have fun


My early twenties were spent in Paris studying at the Sorbonne and learning the art of acting. At that time I dabbled in painting, but I was mostly trained and interested in acting. I completed my M.A degree in psychology in Los Angeles at Antioch University.

I spent many years in India learning meditation and expressing my creativity in different ways- painting was one of them, but also acting and singing. I was not focused on one particular artistic expression. I have been living in Sedona for twelve years now, and the last six years have been devoted to going more deeply into painting with a very specific emphasis of allowing the art to come out of a meditative space. I studied with a private teacher for four years. We did many beautiful explorations together which lit my creative fires and and opened up a new world of thrilling possibilities.

Painting has become a profound experience, as it challenges me to go deeper into meditation, to find a space within me from where an authentic expression can arise.

This process has been about finding my own language and style. I dedicated myself to learning various acrylic and ink techniques, to creating my own techniques which would allow me spontaneity and freedom , as well as learning traditional techniques in drawing and painting.

For two years now I have been a student at the Sedona Arts Center, and have taken many courses in drawing, composition and color. I continue to learn, searching out new ways of expression and perfecting my technical skills.

Since 2006, I have been a member of the Sedona Arts Center and have participated in several of the member's shows. In 2005 I had a self sponsored exhibition in Sedona, entitled “Dialogues with Existence”. I am also a member of the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition and participate in their annual show and other events.