Trust Shiva's Storm Birth of a star system Dolphin Dreams Golden Moon

Heart of Venus I Celebrate Myself Jupiter Skies Kaui Showers Quiet 2

Midnight Moonrise Nebulae crossing the Galaxy Night Calling Portal into the Infinite


This series came to me in an interesting way. I saw a program on the Universe with extraordinary photos and films of galaxies and star systems. In awe at the majesty and miraculousness of the cosmos, a longing took hold of me to find a way to express that mysterious element in my paintings. Something in me wanted to communicate with the stars.

While painting this series I often felt transported into space. I remember at one point while working on Nebulae crossing the Galaxy, feeling the nebulae as alive intelligences that rule a particular aspect of the cosmos. Never knowing beforehand which star pattern wished to emerge, each picture revealed itself in a very inexplicable way.
It was as if a door would open in my inner vision and I could see some of the gases and galaxies moving across the infinity of space.